What is antiseptic? What does it do? Uses, benefits and risks

Antiseptic is a chemical substance which stops or slows the proliferations of harmful microorganisms without killing them.


Lung infection and inflammation: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Lung infection is a type of infection which may develop in the lower respiratory tracts due to various causes. Primary cause is viruses and bacteria accumulating and proliferating in the…

Types of Disinfectants: How to use them effective against Coronavirus

Disinfectants are effective sanitary materials used to protect against microorganisms as viruses. They are also important for protection from coronavirus.

How to boost your immune system against coronavirus? Ways and foods

No effective treatment has yet been found against coronavirus. Therefore, boosting the immune system is extremely important to prevent this disease.


Coronavirus GUIDANCE: Symptoms, Prevention Methods and Treatment

Coronavirus (Covid 19), was first detected in Wuhan, China. It is an infectious and deadly virus that causes respiratory disease.

What is inflammation? Causes, symptoms and treatment

Inflammation is the defense method used by the body to eliminate germs, harmful substances, foreign particles, dead cells and tissues.

Tonsillitis, tonsil stones and cancer: Causes, symptoms and treatments

Tonsillitis develops as a result of infection in the tonsils by microbes. It differs based on the type of the virus or bacterium, or the site of infection.

What is gonorrhea? Symptoms, treatment and prevention

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection disease. If remains untreated, it can become a dangerous and may cause serius health risks.

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