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Healthandmedicine.net publish news and articles for health professionals, patients and the general public. All articles published on Health and Medicine are written and audited by physicians using the latest scientific information; we only use reputable sources such as WHO, CDC, NHS, NIH, FDA, BMJ. Every month millions of health readers visit our website, which is a reliable address for scientifically grounded health news.

Our website is also a comprehensive communication portal used by the physicians amongst themselves. Physicians, who are members of our website, can open a personal account, write articles in their fields, and share their contact information from their own profile pages. Through this medium, they can answer questions and further the discussions.

Our mission is to provide impartial and scientific publications for health professionals as well as for lay readers. We focuse on all important developments in the medical world, including congresses and medical symposiums, and places great emphasis on objectivity and scientific literature. Being aware of the importance of professional health organizations and associations, we give wide coverage on our website to their activities.

Our goal has always been to provide through quality information products, easily accessable, accurate and up-to-date medical information in order to create a reliable communication platform for medical profession and patients.

You can reach us at: [email protected]

Health and Medicine Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Hüseyin Kandemir

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dilek Güldal
9 Eylül University Medical Faculty, President of Family Medicine Department

Prof. Dr. Hakan Hamdi Çelik
Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, President of Turkish Anatomy Society

Prof. Dr. Mehdi Zoghi
Aegean University Medical Faculty, Cardiology Department

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zileli
Aegean University Medical Faculty,

Prof. Dr. Semra Sardaş
Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Şükrü Sindel
Gazi University Medical Faculty, Department of Nephrology

Dr. Candan Hızel
C2H-Vichy Genomic, Canada – Jean Perrin Anti-Cancer Center, France

Contact for advertiesment and business:
[email protected]

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