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What is Naproxen? What is it used for? Dosage and side effects

Naproxen is a prescription drug included in NSAIDs (nonsteoridal anti-inflammatory drugs) used in the treatment of diseases such as pain and inflammation.


What is antiseptic? What does it do? Uses, benefits and risks

Antiseptic is a chemical substance which stops or slows the proliferations of harmful microorganisms without killing them.


What causes stress? Symptoms, management and related diseases

Stress is a process that occurs as a result of not being able to cope with a physically and emotionally perceived threat and negatively affects daily life.


What are causes of warts? Transmission, prevention and treatment

Warts are small, hard, swollen wound and acnes that occurred on the skin surface. They are caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV).

What is creatinine? What does it do? Causes of high and low levels

Creatinine is a natural waste product formed in the body with daily muscle activities. It is filtered by the kidneys and excreted via urine.


What is hypothyroidism? Causes, symptoms and treatments

Hypothyroidism is a health condition developing due to insufficient production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland in the body.

What are causes of sciatica pain? Symptoms, treatment and exercises

Sciatica pain is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Most cases can be treated with non-operative approaches within 1-2 weeks.


Lung infection and inflammation: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Lung infection is a type of infection which may develop in the lower respiratory tracts due to various causes. Primary cause is viruses and bacteria accumulating and proliferating in the…

Types of Disinfectants: How to use them effective against Coronavirus

Disinfectants are effective sanitary materials used to protect against microorganisms as viruses. They are also important for protection from coronavirus.

How to boost your immune system against coronavirus? Ways and foods

No effective treatment has yet been found against coronavirus. Therefore, boosting the immune system is extremely important to prevent this disease.

Can Spirulina prevent coronavirus? Its benefits against Covid-19

Spirulina, which is a type of seaweed, is most mentioned natural method for prevention of coronavirus (COVID-19) and strengthening immune system.

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